Basic rules of our school

1. We are a community, everybody is included.

  • we stick together
  • we help each other

2. We are different people and therefore there will be different opinions.

  • we listen to each other
  • we try to understand each other

3. Everybody should feel comfortable in our school.

  • we do not hit, push or offend each other
  • we do not hurt each other, not even with words or hand signs
  • we use the Stop-rule in case of disagreements
  • we solve quarrels by talking to each other

4. In a good community it is essential that everybody obeys rules and fulfils duties.

  • we obey class rules
  • we take notice of our break rules
  • we arrive in time for our lessons
  • we bring along our own school materials
  • we do our homework regularly
  • we do additional and voluntary tasks which enrich our school community

5. Our school should be clean and nice-looking. Everybody is responsible.

  • we look after our school grounds and building and keep them clean
  • we take care of our flowers, trees and shrubs
  • we also take great care of our school property and other pupils' work

If I violate these rules, there are the following procedures in our school:

1. I lead a talk of reconciliation or I write a letter of apology.
2. I make up for the damage and/or do the victim a favour.
3. I take on duties to serve the class- or school community:

  • tidy up and sweep the class room
  • sweep the staircase
  • clean the school yard
  • empty the waste paper baskets
  • take care of the school garden

4. It is also possible, that my parents will be informed at once, if I do not obey the rules.

5. In a severe case the school might demand that my parents pick me up immediately.

6. If these severe cases reoccur, the teachers hold a class conference. Here educational- and disciplinary
measures for me will be settled.

I have read and promise to obey the school rules and procedures.